How to make Huion h950p work under linux.

Linux Art ajboni 3/30/2020

I recently acquired a Huion Tablet, precisely the model h950p.The tablet works fine out the box but the buttons don't get recognized.

Thanks to the wonderful [DIGImend]( project and this issue on github the solution is quite simple.

  • First, clone the github repo. (the .deb file do not work at the moment of this writing)
$ git clone
  • Follow the instructions here for your distribution. I had to do the install from source procedure in order to make it work.
  • Install xsetwacom to handle the button mappings.
  • Draw!

Handling multiple monitors.

If you have more than one monitor, it might be convenient to 'lock' the tablet cursor to a specific monitor. This way the drawing area corresponds more or less 1 to 1 to the screen.

To make this work the answer is again in the README of the repo:

Another example: if xrandr output has this line:

HDMI-3 connected 1440x900+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 408mm x 255mm

you can restrict the tablet input to that display like this:

xsetwacom set "HID 256c:006e Pen stylus" MapToOutput HDMI-3