Neovim as IDE

Neovim Linux Development ajboni 3/19/2023

This is my attempt to migrate to neovim and use it as IDE for web Development.

⊙ Update 2023

I've ended add going back to AstroNvim and I can say it's incredible, great defaults, pretty and blazingly fast!
Only a few shortcuts here and there and its ready to go!

Some tips:

  • Just remember to install your TS parsers :TSInstall <parser>

    • :TSInstall javascript typescript lua json
    • :TSInstall markdown markdown_inline
  • Add LSP/DAP/Linters/Formatters with :Mason

  • set up a .config/astronvim folder for storing user config. My config

Config Tips

These might not be compatible with newer astronvim config, but good for reference.

⊙ Keyboard goodies

vim.opt.keymodel = "startsel,stopsel" -- Allow selection with shift+arrow keys
map("i", "<Space>", "<Space><C-g>u")
map("i", "<Return>", "<Return><C-g>u")
map("i", "<Tab>", "<Tab><C-g>u")

-- -- Copy / Paste / Cut

map("v", "<C-c>", "y") -- Copy: As mostly in visual mode.
map("i", "<C-v>", "<c-r>+") -- Copy: As in visual mode.
map("v", "<C-x>", "d") -- Copy: As in visual mode.
map("i", "<C-x>", "<c-o>dd") -- In insert mode cut whole line.
map("n", "<C-v>", "a<c-r>+<esc>") -- Enter insert mode, get register, paste it, back to normal mode.
map("i", "<C-ins>", "<Esc>") -- exit insert mode.
map("n", "<ins>", "a") -- Enter insert mode (appending)

map("n", "<C-a>", "ggVGygv") -- Select and yank entire buffer
map("i", "<C-a>", "<esc>ggVGygv") -- Select and yank entire buffer

-- -- Undo/Redo
map("i", "<C-z>", "<C-o>u") -- Undo
map("n", "<C-z>", "u") -- undo
map("v", "<C-z>", "u") -- undo
map("n", "<C-y>", ":redo<cr>") -- Redo

-- "fine grained" undo.
map("i", "<Space>", "<Space><C-g>u")
map("i", "<Return>", "<Return><C-g>u")
map("i", "<Tab>", "<Tab><C-g>u")

-- -- Navigate through buffers
map("n", "<S-Tab>", ":BufferLineCyclePrev<cr>")
map("n", "<Tab>", ":BufferLineCycleNext <cr>")
map("n", "<C-s>", ":w<cr>") -- Save buffer
map("i", "<C-s>", "<Esc>:w<cr>") -- Save buffer
map("n", "<C-e>", "<C-w>") -- Close buffer
map("n", "<C-w>", ":bdelete<cr>") -- Close buffer

-- Hop
map("n", "<C-f>", "<cmd>HopWord<cr>") -- Hop through words in whole "viewport"
map("n", "F", "<cmd>HopLine<cr>") -- Hop through lines in whole "viewport"
map({ "n", "v" }, "f", "<esc><cmd>HopWordCurrentLine<cr>") -- Hop through words on current line
map({ "i" }, "<C-f>", "<esc><cmd>HopWordCurrentLine<cr>") -- Hop through lines in whole "viewport" in edit mode.

-- Global shorcuts
map({ "n", "i" }, "<F2>", ":Telescope keymaps <cr>")
map({ "n", "i" }, "<F3>", ":Telescope commands <cr>")
map({ "n", "i" }, "<F4>", "<cmd>lua require('telescope.builtin').current_buffer_fuzzy_find()<cr>", opts)
map({ "n", "i" }, "<F10>", "<esc>:Telescope lsp_dynamic_workspace_symbols<cr>")
map({ "n", "i" }, "<F11>", "<esc>:Telescope lsp_document_symbols<cr>")
map({ "n", "i" }, "<F12>", "<esc><cmd>lua vim.lsp.buf.definition()<cr>")

-- File Picker
map({ "n", "i" }, "<C-]>", "<esc>:Telescope oldfiles hidden=true<cr>")

-- LSP via Telescope
local telescope = require("telescope.builtin")
map("n", "gD", vim.lsp.buf.declaration) -- Go to declaration
map("n", "gd", telescope.lsp_definitions) -- Go to definition
map("n", "gr", telescope.lsp_references) -- (Go to) references
map("n", "gi", telescope.lsp_implementations) -- (Go to) Implementations

OLD Stuff

⊙ Prettier

-- generic LSP settings
local formatters = require "lvim.lsp.null-ls.formatters"
formatters.setup {
    command = "prettier",

prettier should be installed globally (npm i -g prettier) .prettierrc should be present on the local repo.
jsconfig file was needed to for autoimport to work properly with js files and react components:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "module": "es6",
    "target": "es6"
  "exclude": ["node_modules"]

⊙ (cmp) Disable automatic autocompletion.

It is useful to have a command by hand to disable automatic auto-completion, for example in markdown files. This post has useful information.

-- Autocommands (
lvim.autocommands.custom_groups = {
    { "BufWinEnter", "*.md", ":lua require('cmp').setup.buffer { enabled = false }" },

⊙ (cmp) Disable Annoying automcompletion by default and some nice keymappings

plugins = {
  cmp = {
    completion = {
     keyword_length = 2,
     mapping = cmp.mapping.preset.insert({
      ['<C-b>'] = cmp.mapping.scroll_docs(-4),
      ['<C-f>'] = cmp.mapping.scroll_docs(4),
      ['<C-e>'] = cmp.mapping.abort(),
      ['<CR>'] = cmp.mapping.confirm({ select = false }), -- Accept currently selected item. Set `select` to `false` to only confirm explicitly selected items.
      ["<PageUp>"] = function(fallback)
        for i = 1, 5 do
      ["<PageDown>"] = function(fallback)
        for i = 1, 5 do

⊙ Emmet support

Follow This repo

Install globally:

npm install -g emmet-ls

Add emmet.lua file and source it on init.lua

local lspconfig = require'lspconfig'
local configs = require'lspconfig.configs'

local capabilities = vim.lsp.protocol.make_client_capabilities()
capabilities.textDocument.completion.completionItem.snippetSupport = true

if not configs.ls_emmet then
  configs.ls_emmet = {
    default_config = {
      cmd = { 'ls_emmet', '--stdio' };
      filetypes = {
      root_dir = function(fname)
        return vim.loop.cwd()
      settings = {};

lspconfig.ls_emmet.setup { capabilities = capabilities }

Autotag not working on regular HTML files

This one took me a while,

More granular undo

Tailwind CSS support

:LspInstall tailwindcss

Nice shortcuts

More Awesome Plugins